For Channel 5

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Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper, is one of the most notorious British serial killers of all time. He murdered 13 women and attempted to kill at least 8 more during a 5-year reign of terror.

In this compelling documentary we tell his shocking story through the ones that got away – the  brave survivors who he attacked but who lived to tell the tale.

Along the way we interweave Sutcliffe’s murderous rise and fall, and show how detectives’ failure to listen to the survivors contributed towards their botched investigation.

The film is driven by heart-stopping, intimate first-person interviews, as these survivors recount the attacks blow-by-blow. One of these survivors, Marylyn Moore, has never told her story before.

Another contributor, Tracy Browne, describes how as a 14-year-old schoolgirl she was attacked as she walked home to her farmhouse one evening. Sutcliffe struck up a conversation with her before striking her fives times on the head with a hammer. Barely conscious and bleeding heavily, Tracy was only saved by an approaching car. Sutcliffe quickly dumped Tracy over a fence ran away. Without that car she almost certainly would have been murdered.

All of these survivors have had to live with the emotional and physical scars left by Sutcliffe. Now, for the first time, the survivors meet on camera, to share their stories and attempt to lay their demons to rest.

‘This fascinating documentary’ – Sunday Express

‘This harrowing documentary’ – The Guardian

Director: Katinka Newman