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We’ve all had them – from incessant calls about PPI, an accident that wasn’t your fault or an automated voice pretending to be your bank, 3.9billion nuisance calls are made a year in the UK. Presented by ‘The Real Hustle’s Alexis Conran, this entertaining and eye-opening current affairs documentary investigates the plague of nuisance and scam calls. Who is making them, and just how can you stop them? 

The film tells the story of victims like Jeff, who lost £20,000 to fraudsters pretending to be his bank; Peter who lost all of the money he was saving for his funeral; and Marilyn, whose mother Jessica was brainwashed by cold-call scammers for five years into thinking she was being monitored by the FBI.

Alexis reveals the terrifying new number spoofing technology that criminals use to pretend to be your bank or large corporations, showing just how easy it is to fool you into giving over your bank details. He then meets an ethical hacker and top cyber security expert who shows him how data is bought and sold by criminals on not only the dark web and the normal internet but even one app that is a household name. 

The film also delves into the stories of UK cold-calling cowboys that have been prosecuted for making millions of nuisance calls through automated phone technology.

Through meeting police, banks, and leaders of the technology & call centre industry, Alexis will ask whether enough is being done to stop your phone ringing off the hook – and reveal just how YOU can stop them.


Presented by Alexis Conran. Produced and directed by Storm Theunissen. Executive Producer, Tom Porter