For Channel 4


Landmark series that goes beyond the headlines to tell the real story of the billionaires of Silicon Valley: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg.

After revolutionizing home computing and the world of tech, Bill Gates went on a mission to save the world. Revealing new details about the Microsoft mogul’s charity empire, questions his business practices, and asks if the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is too powerful and unaccountable in the world of global health.

As the creator Amazon, he was the nerd who revolutionized the way we shop. Jeff Bezos, who wants to colonize the moon, is already a multibillionaire and a major power player. Nevertheless, Amazon’s prosperity does not come without a price. Those who are standing up to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos share their stories. The film investigates Amazon’s business methods and reveals the surprising ways in which the company affects our lives.

After creating Facebook at just 21 years-old he’s managed to transform it into a platform that connects billions, having to fight claims that the site profits off misinformation and has influenced elections along the way. Friends and insiders life the lid on how Mark Zuckerberg runs his online empire.

Producer/Director Storm Theunissen
Exec Producers Nick Godwin and Tom Porter