For Science Channel in association with Beyond Media Rights

This series explores the most extraordinary and sometimes deadly engineering disasters around. Why did a brand-new bridge suddenly and tragically collapse? How did drilling for oil trigger the largest whirlpool the US has ever seen? And which Paris landmark hid a deadly design flaw? From a skyscraper that threatened to rain lethal chunks of marble over downtown Chicago to a gas pipeline that shook southern Spain, we uncover the engineering that created the chaos.

With access to design teams, eye-witnesses and a panel of experts, we analyse what went wrong, investigate why errors went undiscovered and reveal how engineers are working to prevent future disasters.

(titled Massive Engineering Mistakes for rest of world)

Executive Producers: Nick Godwin and Tom Gorham

Lead Edit Producer: Liam Carroll

S1: 10 x 60

S2: 12 x 60

S3: 10 x 60

S4: 10 x 60

S5: 10 x 60

S6: 10 x 60